Sterling Silver Charles Rennie Mackintosh Earrings oSrp2PH

Sterling Silver Charles Rennie Mackintosh Earrings oSrp2PH
Sterling Silver Charles Rennie Mackintosh Earrings

It seems that the new craze is to make crypto coins named after birds, after Ravencoin comes Pigeoncoin and that is not a coincidence. PGN and its new X16S mining algorithm were in fact inspired by RVN and the X16r algorithm that it has introduced. The new X16S (shuffle) algorithm maintains the randomness of X16r while providing consistency for hashrate and power usage, so it can be considered as a kind of improvement especially for miners. Pigeoncoin (PGN) is just a few days old was initially only CPU mineable, but quickly the Nvidia GPU miners for Ravencoin (RVN) were ported to support the new algorithm, so it is now mineable on Nvidia GPUS as well. The main specs of the coin are: 1 minute block time, 5000 PGN reward, 21 Billion coins max cap, 2016 blocks retarget, 16 shuffled algorithms (X16S shuffle). You are welcome to check it out and mine some, especially if you have some Nvidia-based GPU mining rigs, though we are still yet to see what will be the plans for the future of this new coin as there is still not much info about that available, again similar to the situation with RVN.

If you want to give it a try mining Pigeoncoin (PGN) you can do so already on the Tuscany Silver Sterling Silver 25mm Diamond Cut Creole Earrings uL6aYrQdK7
mining pool along with a few other pools already available and try one of the forks of ccMiner with support for the X16S algorithm. Like the latest supminer version 1.2 from Suprnova that adds support for X16S and also supports X16r, or alternatively the Nevermore-x16s v0.1-alpha (both of these open source) and there is also a new version of the Banithani 925 Sterling Silver Beautiful Amethyst Stone Designer Ring Women Fashion Jewellery HTzc56
(a closed source binary only release). For the moment there is still no AMD GPU miner available, but one will probably follow shortly based on the X16r fork in order to also support the X16S algorithm. If you are interested in an exchange supporting trading of Pigeoncoin (PGN), well, there isn’t one available yet, but the coin is still just a few days old, so you will have to wait a bit more for that.

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March 29th, 2018 at 08:16

AMD miners for X16s (sgminer fork): Theia Titanium Flat Court Side Grooved 7 mm Ring 43Bo5pFhdg


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Sat 10 Nov
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and Reubens Accomplice (7PM/21+/$20 adv $22 dos)
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Daniel Johnston is a prolific American singer-songwriter and artist. He has been classified as an outsider musician.

His songs are typically painfully direct, and often display a disturbing blend of childlike naïvete with darker, “spooky” themes. Johnston’s singing voice is rather high-pitched, and his performances often seem faltering or uncertain; one critic writes that Johnston’s recordings range from “spotty to brilliant”. He also draws and paints; he is a cult comic book artist and his illustrations have been featured with most of his albums.

Johnston was born in Sacramento, California and grew up in West Virginia, United States, but now lives in Waller, Texas. Johnston suffers from manic depression, and has had varying luck with different treatments. He has been institutionalized for periods.

Johnston gained a cult following in Austin, Texas. Some regarded Johnston as little more than a quaint curiosity, but others recognized a genuine talent: Johnston has a knack for creating great, catchy melodies, while his lyrics are evocative and often use clever wordplay. His songs have been covered by a number of admirers.

The North Phoenix, AZ, emo-core quartet Reubens Accomplice consists of Jeff Bufano (guitar, vocals), Andy Eames (bass), Chris Corak (guitar, vocals), and Jim Knapp (drums). Formed in the mid-’90s, the band honed their act by booking and promoting their own shows (which led to opening spots with such similarly styled bands as Brainiac, Jimmy Eat World, Karate, Pedro the Lion, and the Promise Ring), as well as self-issuing their own 7″ singles. In 2000, Reubens Accomplice began working on a full-length debut for Better Looking Records but had to put the project on hold several times until its release in September 2001.

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Step 2.

Input the following code near the top of your .htaccess file:

# START XML RPC BLOCKING <Files xmlrpc.php> Order Deny,Allow Deny from all </Files> # FINISH XML RPC BLOCKING

Step 3. Turn off trackbacks and pingbacks

Step 3.

From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Settings > Discussion.

In the top section you will see the following checkboxes. Turn them both off.

Done . The above 3 steps will turn XML-RPC completely off.

You will not be able to post remotely to WordPress, or use the 3 rd party apps and plugins that require it. Nor will you receive notifications on your site (through the pingbacks and trackbacks intra-notification system) when another WordPress site that has those turned on mentions (links) to your site.

Small price to pay for security.

WordPress REST API and XML-RPC

I’m very excited about all of the dazzling features that the WordPress REST API promises to bring. It will make websites far more interactive.

However, many of those features will depend on XML-RPC being active. That’s a security problem.

The WordPress dev team has announced that they are considering adding the REST API to the WordPress core in two stages. Those will be in versions 4.4 and 4.5, expected in late 2015 and early 2016, respectively.

I’ll be keeping close watch on this topic.

If you do find a conflict when you disable XML-RPC, your best resource for help is the developer or support forum of the plugin or app that is no longer working.

You’re also welcome to report any conflicts you find here. Maybe other folks are having the same issue and would appreciate what you found to fix it.

We’ll all get through this together!

I do full Site Audits so you can get a real picture of what’s going on behind the scenes and fix it without guessing

I do full Site Audits
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